Join Nomics as we create the data backbone for the open financial system.

Nomics is a cloud-based data platform where users can access gapless and normalized financial data about tokenized assets through API endpoints. We offer data that professionals and semi-professionals need at a fraction of the cost of: (1) rolling your own database and ingesting billions of trades, (2) waiting weeks behind rate limited APIs to download historical data, and (3) normalizing highly inconsistent data feeds. Our product allows hedge funds, allocators, family offices, and professional investors to: develop and test investment strategies, accurately track their portfolio and fluctuations in the market, and build compelling financial data-enabled software (e.g. fintech) applications.

Would you like to join a customer-obsessed team creating a cryptocurrency API product for developers? Then join us at Nomics.

As a growth lead you'll be joining a team and a company that values great content, copywriting and marketing automation. Your blend of copywriting skills, marketing tech abilities, and automation talents will help us dream up the world’s best follow-up sequences, automated webinar funnels etc. and populate these flows with world-class copy.

Come join the fun and build something great with us.

What You’ll Do

Your day-to-day responsibilities will shift and grow but to start with, you will:

  • Come to the table with ideas every single day
  • Write hard-hitting sales copy that converts
  • Develop short-form copy for ads for Facebook, Google Adwords, and more
  • Proofread and edit blog posts, articles and other copy
  • Understand the psychology behind compelling copy
  • Continually generate new promotional angles and sales opportunities for our various products, events, webinars, programs, and more
  • Pen quick promotional emails to market webinars, affiliate opportunities, time-sensitive offers, and much more
  • Craft email copy to continuously drive sales to targeted groups of subscribers in our funnel
  • Swiftly evaluate, optimize and repurpose existing promotions and evergreen marketing opportunities to connect with and convert new potential customers
  • Develop, research, and write action-oriented blog posts and industry reports as needed
  • Draft dynamic content for email marketing campaigns to reach customized audience segments
  • Create and implement strategies automated email and webinar campaigns
  • Create campaigns to help acquire and activate new API customers
  • Draft dynamic automation workflows to reach a customized audience during their stage in the conversion funnel
  • Uphold marketing automation platform tracking protocol to ensure proper tracking of links and campaigns
  • Assemble email assets into the Drip marketing automation platform to fully build out campaigns and other email communications
  • Create logic for follow-up sequences designed to maximize lead-to-sale conversion rates
  • Build and maintain landing pages associated with marketing automation campaigns

What You’ve Done:

You have a unique combination of skills, talents, and mindset, including:

  • 3+ years of copywriting experience, preferably to drive revenue. You know what it’s like to test specific offers and see the bottom-line results. You want the chance to really stretch your direct response copy skills in a company that values testing new offers, every single week.
  • Exceptional writing skills combined with a love of collaboration. You know you’re good, and you have great ideas you want to test. But you also know you’re even better with creative teammates on your side.
  • 4+ years working with digital marketing tools
  • Experience with 3+ different marketing automation tools (experience with Drip or a tag-based automation program is strongly preferred)
  • Solid understanding of landing page creators and other lead generation tools
  • Basic to moderate understanding of inserting dynamic text with liquid markup or another coding language
  • Solid understanding of list segmentation and audience targeting
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting are second nature to you

Extra Credit:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, entrepreneurship, or related business fields
  • Experience working with Drip, Leadpages, Demio, or WebinarJam
  • Experience working with digital marketing tools
  • Experience working at a software as a service (SaaS) company
  • Experience with a/b testing

Who You Are:

  • What you don’t know, you’ll jump right in and learn
  • Technology is your friend, not your foe
  • You are highly-organized and detail-oriented
  • You never say “That’s not my job”
  • You are highly organized

Finally, because Nomics is a fully remote team, you should be comfortable working remotely and communicating asynchronously. You are in charge of your own work environment that works best for you. We are a Slack-free workplace.

Our Values:

  • Communication - You are concise and articulate in speech and writing. You listen well and seek to understand before reacting. You maintain calm poise in stressful situations to draw out the clearest thinking. You provide candid feedback to colleagues. You can articulate what you are, and are not, trying to do.
  • Creativity - You create useful new ideas. You minimize complexity and find time to simplify. You re-conceptualize issues to discover solutions to hard problems. You welcome change.
  • Judgment - You identify root causes, and go beyond treating symptoms. You challenge assumptions and strive to propose solutions when practical. You make wise decisions despite ambiguity and use data to inform your intuition. You think strategically and make decisions based on the long term. You define your desired goals and work backward from there.
  • Integrity - You are known for candor, authenticity, transparency, and being non-political. You only say things about fellow employees that you say to their face. You admit mistakes and apologize freely and openly. You treat people with respect independent of their status or disagreement with you.

Nomics is an equal opportunity employer; we are passionate about creating an inclusive environment that upholds the dignity of all people and celebrates a diversity of thought, backgrounds, and experiences.